Do you speak english

Do you speak english?

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By Paula C., Blanca C., Eva S., Claudia H., Henar M., Paula S., Laura de L., Elsa C. and Carolina de L.

Responsibility, coherence and empathy are the three words that surround teenagers nowadays. But not all of us care about them, and that is our main problem.

The vast majority of people between 15 and 20 years old are aware of the difficult situation we are living; they wear on their face masks and avoid being in contact with a lot of friends. However, there is always that minority who does not pay attention to what they do, and that causes damages to all the people who are doing things well. These teenagers though, have the sad feeling that they are staying at home and they are losing the best years of their lives, their youth.

Our lives have changed completely. We cannot kiss our friends or be too close to them. All our common trips and parties disappeared in matter of seconds. I still remember the feeling of that 13th of March 2020 and our teachers saying, “Take all your things home, we do not know if we will come back on Monday”.

We took the beginning of lockdown as little holidays hoping that the virus would eradicate soon. On the one hand, we began to find ways to chat with one another and connect with our friends. We discovered many apps which let most of us play via our phones and chat with a few people. On the other hand, school was figuring out how to get through this situation via online, using some platforms that let teachers send us tasks and homework.

By mid-April, it became a very overwhelming situation. Even though we could chat with people through messaging apps, we needed to hang out with all of them and leave home for sometime. In addition, school was getting tougher with homework and projects. The worst of it were the fights between family members to get the laptop or tablets to work and poor wifi connection.

Now I am talking from my experience as a 2º Bachillerato student, currently we are stressed with exams and tasks from school and, not being able to go out on a Friday or Saturday night with our friends is one of the worst things can happen at our age. Everyone needs to spend time with their peers and distract from the daily routine. The only thing I want is to live my life the best way I can, I want to travel through the world and do not miss anything, I want to make the most mistakes I can so I will be able to say when I grow old that I learn from them all, I want to go out with my friends so when I am asked in the future what was my youth like I can answer with memories.

If the question is how teenagers are living this COVID-19 situation, the answer is very simple; we just aren’t. We are not living, we are surviving. Sadly, the best years of our lives are passing in front of us and we can only sit- always two meters apart- and get used to it,  when the only thing we really crave is a hug.

I would like to send a lot of encouragement to all those adolescents who are doing things well, so that they do not give up; this situation will end eventually, and COVID-19 will disappear. I do not think the situation is only giving us bad things. We are learning a lot and we are not realizing; we are giving importance to things that didn’t have before, like for example, a hug from our grandparents. It is true that we will not be able to recover these years and all the moments we are missing, but I am sure that new and better experiences will come, and we will enjoy them as never before. And when that moment comes, we will proudly say: “I did well, I helped my loved ones when they needed me”.

To conclude the point to overcome this situation is not if you are a teenager or not, the point is if you are mature or not, and now we are realizing who is or is not. Therefore, I think the whole population should provide the necessary help to eradicate the virus whatever the age. If a whole planet has a problem, it will only be solved with the help of all their inhabitants working together.


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